The Awakening

Fi-Né 粉內




期待已久預計於2023.6.30發行的《The Awakening》專輯,是Fi-Né 粉內樂團的第二張專輯,這張邀請了金曲製作人,葛萊美得獎製作人,樂手一起參與, 甚至邀請雷擎,曼達 新一代才華音樂人一起創作。探討聚焦於⾝⽽與世界、萬物、宇宙的互動與共感。


《The Awakening》專輯集合龐克搖滾、電、Rap-rave、Trip hop,混合了House、R&B和Dub reggae等多種樂元素,除了Phil鮮明多變的饒節奏,Suzy 空靈嗓與迷幻充滿實驗性的曲,搭配上性感誘惑的⾳⾊和 R&B 唱腔,將形塑出Fi- Né獨特的樂形狀。專輯中每歌曲均有接續性的故事背景,從開端的背景描述、我覺醒,中間的爭、傷亡,及最後的希望。期許最後的世界讓彼此不再有誤解、不再有戰爭,沒有時間物質的限制、不為了錢或其他慾望改變,活在充滿光與愛的維度,彼此再次充滿信任。在探尋的過程,正如《The Awakening》專輯的樂故事,古⽼⽂明也將爭和傷亡。唯有我覺醒,才能覺察⾝⼼靈和宇宙萬物的連結,進與神性連結。


本張專輯除了數位發行外,亦同時發行實體卡帶專輯,以開啟Box穿越1970年代,用卡帶機樸實悠揚的樂聲,述說時代意義,好好感受生命中已經擁有的美好。專輯中8首歌曲搭配Suzy設計AR虛擬實景牌卡,可以掃瞄連結,進投射新的影像、圖騰、畫作於其⼿機之上,打造屬於Fi-Né 粉內樂想像的世界觀集合。

“Experience a journey of conflicts and awakening, as we transcend human nature and embrace spirituality.”


“Fi-Né is preparing to release their highly anticipated album titled ‘The Awakening’ on June 30, 2023. In addition to the involvement of multiple Grammy-winning and GMA-winning instrumentalists and engineers, the album features talented upcoming artists like L8ching and Mandark. It showcases exceptional talent and expertise, exploring the profound connection and empathy between individuals and the broader world, encompassing the universe and all aspects of existence. Delving into the complexities of our modern society, the album poses a thought-provoking question: In a scenario where someone possesses extensive knowledge in literature, art, craftsmanship, and technology, and also struggles with pressing social issues like widening wealth gaps and moral decline, should we opt for embracing progressive technology or seek solace in our roots, reconnecting with our inherent humanity and divinity?”

“The Awakening” album seamlessly blends punk rock, electronic, rap-rave, and trip-hop genres, incorporating a few elements of house, R&B, and dub reggae, among others. Fi-Né, with Philip’s distinctive and versatile rhythms, Suzy’s ethereal vocals, experimental melodies, and sensual R&B tones, creates a truly unique musical experience. Each song in the album unfolds as part of a continuous story, encompassing initial self-awareness, the struggles and casualties encountered along the way, and ultimately, a message of hope. The album’s overarching goal is to foster a world free from misunderstandings, wars, and the limitations imposed by time and materialism. It aims to inspire change driven by love, living in a fifth dimension brimming with light and trust.

This album not only had a digital release but also simultaneously released a physical cassette tape version, aiming to take listeners on a journey back to the 1970s with the nostalgic and melodic sound of cassette players. It aimed to convey the significance of the era and encourage people to appreciate the beauty already present in their lives. The album consists of eight songs, accompanied by Suzy-designed AR virtual scenery cards. By scanning these cards, users could project new images, symbols, and artwork onto their mobile phones, creating a collection that encapsulates the unique world of Fi-Né’s musical imagination.


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