Transhuman / Subhuman 超人類/次等人類

貓阿諾 Arnaud Lechat


你夢想活在一個沒有痛苦也無疾病的世界嗎? 一個長生不老、永生不死的世界?
不必再作夢了,這個世界即將降臨。Transhumanism 時代已經開始了。


「你夢想活在一個沒有痛苦也無疾病的世界嗎? 一個長生不老 、永生不死的世界?一個你能為自己和下一代選擇變好看 、強碩且聰明的世界?一個可以透過科學和技術支配一切,為人類創造最舒適的世界?一個沒有大自然的偶然的世界?一個只有超人的世界?不必再作夢了,這個世界即將降臨。Transhumanism 時代已經開始了。」

在本專輯中﹐貓阿諾(薩克斯風) 和劉珮絨(鋼琴)將帶領我們一起來探討新科技和人類在未來的關係和衝突。也邀請法國畫家葛尹風(Ivan Gros) 和柬埔寨詩人Rattana Vandy來參加專輯內頁的創作。內頁含中﹐法﹐英﹐日譯文。

You may be dreaming about a world without any suffering or illness? A world where you do not grow old, or even die? A world where you can choose to be beautiful, strong and intelligent both for yourself and your children? A world where everything can be controlled and regulated by science and technology for our utmost comfort, a world where the hazards of  nature have no place, a world populated only by supermen like yourself? However, we needn’t continue to dream, the era of transhumanism has already begun.

In this album Arnaud Lechat on saxophones accompanied by Liu Peirong on piano makes us think about the future of humanity and our relationship with technologies. Booklet contains illustrations by French artist Ivan Gros and a vision of the future by Cambodian photographer and filmmaker Rattana Vandy with French, English, Chinese and Japanese translation.


搶先評價 “Transhuman / Subhuman 超人類/次等人類”

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